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Over the years we have provided biostatistical support, quantitative modelling  services to a large number of pharma companies health and social care  providers and commissioners.


We've also worked with engineers (electrical, Electronic and civil) to detect damages in civil engineering structures.


We can help testorganisations  to quantify how their test items perform on ability of test takers.


Ability to make vast data resources from oil and gas to quantify business and operational risks, uncertainties and develop user friendly tool is another major offering to our partners.


Research Studies & Clinical Trials Support

Planning, design, data quality monitoring, analysis and reporting of studies, including 

• Hypothesis generation/Planning

• Endpoint feasibility selection and confirmation

• Stats Method in Protocol writing

• Protocol review

• Case report form (CRF) design

• Literature review

• Health economics planning

• Sample size calculations and power analysis

• Literature search, review and summary

• Randomization scheduling

• Statistical and analysis planning for clinical trial protocols

• Preparation of draft IDE submission, including protocol summary

• Participation in pre-IDE/NDA interactions with FDA

• Submission of IDE/NDA to FDA

• Integrated Summary of Efficacy/Safety


• Study Data Pooling

Data Management

We offer database design and data management for pharma/Biotech and healthcare research and information systems for hospitals.

Data Validation: Design of Data Validation Strategy and Specification of Design.

Data Acquisition: Design of Data Collection Tool (paper or electronic)

Data Processing: Forms processing, Data Entry, Coding and Cleaning (manual clinical review and programmed edit checks).

Data Storage: Database structure specification, Forms management, Data Archival (paper or electronic), Lab, safety reporting, Data transfer/Loads and Database reconciliation.

Data Quality Monitoring:Auditing, Quality control, statistical sampling and quantification of database quality

Database closure:Lock criteria specification, implementation of code breaking and post lock support

Strategic Planning

We make the achievement of your strategic plan a part of our goal and we work with you to deliver tailored-made solutions, operational plan, monitoring and evaluation tools as well as training.

Decision support and data analysis for the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry has lot of data from disparaging sources e.g. wells and seismic surveys. By using advanced analytics, we support partners with quantifying uncertainties, survival of wells and development of user friendly decision support tools.


We offer a range of hands-on, tailored courses at various levels, including:

• Fraud detection, 

• Public health intelligence basics

• Basic statistics and analytic techniques applied to

healthcare services

• Advanced statistics & operations research methods

• Simulation and risk assessment strategies

• Predictive modelling

• Demand forecasting methodologies

• Statistical software tools, e.g. SPSS, SPSS Clementine,


Healthcare Management

We offer support in monitoring and evaluation of healthcare services for quality. Demand and supply modelling for health services as well as public health intelligence• 

Business Intelligence

Our strategies and technologies on leveraging business information to provide accurate, timely and precise predictive views of business operations cannot be equalled.

Our customers

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Call us at (+44) 1440704869 or email for a FREE quote.



Our customers

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